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by Jeff on 11/14/2010

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The roof is on and we’ll find out if the job is complete during IMG_4051the next significant rain.  It really looks good.  Suzy’s blend of MCA Canyon Red and Brick Red looks very sharp and all the rows are straight.

Pedro Torres Plastering Inc. is working to apply environmentally responsible Sto Stucco to the exterior walls.  The color looks great with the tile roof.  They have installed corbels across the front and both sides of the home.  We should finish the stucco work in the next week.

After comparing BioBased and Icynene spray foam insulations, we chose to use Icynene LD-R-50 open cell spray foam insulation.   Using high-yield castor oil material, ICYNENE LD-R-50 reduces the need for petroleum-based polyol. Castor oil is a natural ingredient that is safe enough for use in personal care products such as lip balm.  The insulation should be completed by the end of the week.

IMG_3891Exeter Plumbing has finished the radiant heating system for the flat roof drainage system.  The small plastic lines attached to the large white drain lines will circulate water from the Geothermal system and prevent the drain lines from freezing.  Anthony also reworked one of the four drains for the flat roof area making the drain function as an emergency overflow drain.  They also set up the pool pipes to circulate the water through the solar paneIMG_3779l array on the flat roof.  The photo to the right shows the framework for the solar pool heating array that has been installed on the flat roof section of the home.  We will be installing 720 sq ft of solar panels to heat the pool.



Mark Gardner of Monticello Cabinets and Doors has delivered the front door.  It is hand carved IMG_3819from reclaimed lumber.  The door is beautiful and because it is reclaimed wood, there are some holes that go completely through the door.  We will be using a syringe to fill the holes with clear glue to seal the door.   Mike Gilles and his co-worker Troy install the front door.

Hayes Electric has finished the rough in for the electric.  We were told we would be unable to use the uninterruptable battery backup units we had purchased.   I’ll be looking for a second opinion from a commercial electrical company.  The units are Liebert 10kva UPSystems.  I need to find someone local that has some experience with these systems.

R-Company has finished the rough-in for the central IMG_3764vacuum system and Grandview Windows and Doors has finished installing all the Weathershield windows and doors.  The door (photo to right) off the formal living room opens the full 12 feet.  It’s really been nice to fully open the door the last couple weeks.  We had decided not to screen the back porch but since seeing the possibilities with this door, we have decided to purchase the electronic screens.  We are looking at Phantom Screens and Clear View Retractable Screens.  We’ll let you know our final decision.  IMG_3870

Basement Contractors has completed digging and pouring the rain harvest tank.  It has two small chambers (they can be seen in the photo at the end of the tank) to deal with sediment and one large chamber that will hold 19,500 gallons.   The tank will capture all rainwater from the roof and most of concrete areas of the home and used for irrigation.

They’ve  completed the data and TV cabling of the home.  IMG_4068They laid more than 100 cat 6 cables and more than 25 RJ6 cables.  It would seem to be over wired but after attending HAI Home Automation training last week, the possibilities for the wiring are almost unlimited.  When someone rings the front doorbell, the porch lights can come on if it’s after sunset; if anyone is home, the front porch camera will display the video on the home automation touch screen panels as well as any t.v. that might be on.        IMG_3771

We installed the hand hewed wood beams from Wayne County, Ohio two weeks ago.  We used the beams above all vestibule openings and to frame the breakfast nook and the bed in the master bedroom.  We are also using the beams above the bathroom vanities and there are two on the ceiling in the formal dining room.


Additionally, we removed one truck load of cardboard to Waste Management for recycling.


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Jgheaburi si Burlane November 15, 2010 at 6:51 am

Roof drainage is very important. Especially when we are talking about wooden roofs like in the photos. Excessive humidity can damage you roof, mansard and even your foundation. So saving money on rainwater drainage systems is a great mistake.

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