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by Jeff on 11/21/2010

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On Friday, Builders Insulation Co. started blowing yellow (not pink) Icynene LD-R-50 Spray Foam Insulation into  the garage roof deck.  Blown insulation is more economical than batt Spray Foam 1insulation (such as Pink Owens Corning fiberglass insulation).  Blown insulation can be installed more quickly.  Blown insulation expands to fill the any voids, holes or cracks, batt insulation doesn’t.  We started in the garage since the Amish made cabinets will be arriving in Oklahoma City on Monday.  We have not started to sheetrock, so the cabinets will need to be stored in the garage.

Icynene LD-R-50 is a light density, open-celled, flexible, water-blown polyurethane  foam   insulation.   Icynene replaces some of the petroleum oil with renewable castor oil in this product.  Although some other products contain higher amounts of agricultural-based materials (soy), we liked that castor beans can be grown on marginal land and are not useful as food.  Matt Capshaw (Builders Insulation), Spray Foam 2Mike Cacic (Icynene Manufacturer’s Rep) and Jerry Jennison (Icynene Regional Sales Manager) have been great partners.  We will be insulating all the roof deck, the theater room ceiling and the waste water pipes.

The two pictures were taken 16 seconds apart.  You can see that a thin layer of the insulation is   sprayed onto the roof deck.  It then expands to fill the entire space and any openings.  I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and thank Builders Insulation and Icynene for helping at the Oklahoma City Habitat for Humanity Hope Crossing project.  If you really want to learn about building energy efficient, healthy homes, I encourage you to spend a weekend volunteering at Hope Crossing.

Troy, of Savannah Builders, has started installing the kiva fireplace and banco in the family room.  We have to complete the fireplace structure before we can receive our framing inspection approval.    One Way Wiring has completed laying the data, alarm and tv cables.  We added motion detectors in all the bathrooms so the lights will come on at 10% if the motion detector senses movement after the home has gone into bedtime mode.  Think of it as turning on the nightlight.  We have also learned that the system can control the bathroom ceiling fans.  It is possible to measure the amount of time someone sits in the bathroom and program the fan to stay on an incremental amount of time after the person stands up.  Our home won’t include this feature, however it shows what is possible.

Suzy and I have compiled a list of 65 items we need to finalize and purchase.  Items like the IMG_4093hardware for the guest bathroom, material for the bookshelves beside the master bed, and many pieces of furniture. Since the neighborhood does have a very nice community pool, we decided to forgo the swimming pool. We have decided to use Clear View Motion Screens on the back porch.  That will make the Weathershield 12’ folding door (photo on left) off the formal living room much more useful.


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