Connecting the Floors

by Jeff on 10/01/2010

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IMG_3521Renaissance Wood delivered the steps for the staircase between the first floor and the basement on Sept. 16, 2010.  They were made using reclaimed wood and each of the 17 treads weights about 75 lbs.  On Saturday, Jeff attached scrap cardboard to each step in an effort to hinder further distressing.


IMG_3530Texoma Roofing Company from Durant Oklahoma installed the 1000 sq ft of flat roof on Saturday, Sept 18, 2010.  They used Firestone ISO 95+ polyiso insulation over the roof decking to provide insulation and create the slope necessary to drain water.   Over the insulation,  Texoma Roofing installed Duro Last vinyl roof membrane.  Jeff was impressed with the strength and ease of the “welds” used to join two pieces of the material together.


Comfort Works of Goldsby, Oklahoma has finished the rough in for the Climate Master geothermal heating and air conditioning system.  I’ll admit I don’t know much about the system.  Our builder, Mike Gilles, has a lot of experience with geothermal systems and we went with his recommendations.  There are two – two stage Climate Master Tranquility 27 units installed, one in the attic and one in the basement mechanical room.  There is an ERV system and we are using MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) 16 filters.   This will earn two LEED points.


This is the label from Zoesheild  glass in our Weathershield windows that were installed:

95% – 99% UVA &UVB Protection

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient down to 0.25

IMG_3630Updated photo showing the front elevation taken Sept. 28, 2010.  In front of the home is the rig used to drill the nine geothermal wells.  You can see the roofers installing the clay tile roof.  We installed Palisade Synthetic Underlayment over the Huber Advantech Roof Decking since the roof was leaking.  The MCA Superior Clay tile needed to be set at 15” x 11” rather then the manufacturers specified 16” x 12”.  This was because the tile nail holes are exposed when set at 16” x 12”.


We are still weighing all the trash and logging the contents of each bag.  This bag contained the styrofoam and plastic wrapping from the windows.  It weighed in at 20 lbs.  We have now thrown out 538 lbs of trash from the work site.  It was unrealistic to believe we could build the home with zero waste.   I do feel good that we have reduced the amount of waste generated from the construction of the home.


Mike Gilles, our builder, unloading the clay tile roof off one of the two trucks that arrived from California.

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