Basement Contractors 500th Basement Home

by Jeff on 05/02/2010

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Mike Gilles and his son took our 13 Wayne County Ohio, hand hewed wood beams to Doug at Renaissance Wood Company in Edmond Oklahoma.  Renaissance cleaned the Beechnut (White Walnut), Chestnut and Walnut beams and they are beautiful.  Suzy and I picked out which beams will go in what locations.  We had enough wood to do all the top of all the vestibule openings, frame the breakfast nook, frame the master bedroom bed recess, and do timbers on the ceiling of the formal dining room.

The crew finished framing the basement, the floor joists were set and the Huber Advantech subflooring was put in place using low VOC (27 g/L) Ace Subfloor & Deck Adhesive and nails.  Sandra Shackelford and Kelly Swisher from Oklahoma Home Centers in Guthrie have done a great job of figuring the necessary framing and subfloor material.  Kelly even provided a diagram showing how each sheet of subfloor should be installed to limit the amount of waste. 

The roof of the basement safe room was built and poured too high so the original floor joists had to be replaced.  Basement Contractors backfilled most of the basement walls last week.  Only sand was used for the backfill under the front and back porches.  They also installed 2” x 6” wood around the top of the exterior walls.  Next week they will be setting the forms for the main floor walls and will use the 2” x 6” boards to hold the forms.  Inside, between the subfloor, floor joists and concrete walls, spray foam insulation was installed.  This was done to keep the concrete that will be poured for the first floor from ending up in the basement.

The Edmond Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to recognize Basement Contractors 500th basement home.  The plumber also laid more lines for the rain harvest system.  Many people have asked about the concrete so the last photo below shows the basement walls with 6” of concrete, 2” of stryrofoam, and another 4” of concrete.

IMG_1180 IMG_1149  IMG_1168 IMG_1070 IMG_0965IMG_1060IMG_1150 IMG_1065

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