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by Jeff on 03/29/2010

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Now that the basement wall forms have been removed, we can see plans beginning to take shape.  This week we will be working to pour the basement floor and the garage floor.  Before the floors can be poured, we have to get geothermal lines in place, run some of the rain harvest pipes, and do a lot of back filling.  The crews are also setting forms for the front entryway and porch. 

Tomorrow we will meet with Jeremiah Rivers, owner of Rivers’ Edge Countertops in Tuttle, OK to discuss the countertops.  We have been looking at Ice Stone and/or Vetrazzo Countertops but have been stymied by the price.  River’s Edge prices seem reasonable, the counters are poured in place so there are no seams, and it’s all produced locally.

It’s also time to order the clay roof tile.  We hope to use a 60/40 blend of Canyon Red/Brick Red tile from MCA Superior Clay tile.

The wood barn beams from Wayne County, Ohio will go to Renaissance Wood in Edmond, Oklahoma for preparation for installation.


Front of the house from the southeast.              The basement with the theater room on the right.

IMG_0425 IMG_0435 

Cavity drainage installed.                                Rain harvest pipes below the basement floor.

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Dan Allen April 9, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Wow: To the blog and the project. Simply incredible.

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