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by Jeff on 03/26/2011

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The  Eco-Tech Home Tour will be open April 8 – 17, 2011 at 17515 Prairie Sky Way, Edmond, OK (Rose Creek Addition (N May between NW 164th and NW 174th St))

From 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday

From 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturdays & Sundays

The Eco-Tech Home blends modern building techniques with building materials from the past.  All the exterior walls are concrete and inside you’ll find reclaimed wood floors, reclaimed wood stairs, barn wood, 185 feet of 1880’s hand hewn wood beams and the original bar from O’Connell’s Bar & Grill in Norman.  More than 6000 pounds of recycled glass was used to make the home’s countertops.  Most of the cabinets were made by Ohio Amish craftsman.  A 30,000 gallon rain harvest tank supplies the water for irrigation.  A pair of ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 geothermal heat pumps is used for heating and coolIMG_5300ing the more than 6000 square feet of living space.  ClimateMaster will be demonstrating how geothermal energy works.  The home of the future would not be complete without the cars of the future. Cheasapeake Energy will be displaying a residential natural gas fueling station along with a natural gas powered Chevy Tahoe during the entire home tour.   The Oklahoma Chevy Team Dealers  will be displaying a 2011 Chevy Volt during the Eco-Tech Home Tour April 9 – April 13, 2011.  Admission is $9.00 for adults (children under 16 with adults are free) and all proceeds will be donated to pro-literacy organizations throughout Oklahoma. Tickets can be purchased at any OKC Metro Area Westlake Hardware Store or online by pressing the link at the top of this web page.   Here are some of the other features of the home.

– 948 cubic yards of concrete (3,792,000 pounds)

– 82,000 pounds of steel rebar

– 2500 sq. ft. of reclaimed wood floors

– 8000 feet of Ethernet cabling to “automate” the home

– More than 15,000 pounds of scrap material repurposed during the project


On January 28, 2011, we poured the last of the 948 cubic yards of concrete.  (A yard of concreteIMG_4720 weighs approximately 4000 lbs. so the house has nearly 4 million pounds of concrete.)  We poured all the driveways, the front entry, three sets of stairs off the back patio deck and a landing.   We then had two weeks of cold snowy weather.  However, it has warmed up again so we have begun building the outdoor fences and Randy is completing the final grading.  Butler Brothers hauled 98 truck loads of dirt off the property.  This is dirt that had been stored since digging the basement more than one year ago.  We are going to add some retaining walls to the front of the home and the driveway ended up a little more steep than we had envisioned (see photo at top).  However, it was a tradeoff between a steeper driveway or more steps from the garage floor into the home.  I hope we’re happy with fewer steps in the garage and a slightly steeper driveway.

We have bricked the back deck columns and installed the guide tracks for the patio deck Clear View Motion Screens.  We will be finishing the outdoor stucco on Monday.  Then the folks from Clear View Screens will begin IMG_4562installing the eight power screens and two sliding screens on the back porch.  We finished the ceiling of the back porch with cedar.  Troy has been building the Fire Magic outdoor kitchen.  The kitchen includes a 90,000 btu gas stove, refrigerator, trash can, paper towel dispenser and a beverage center complete with a blender.  There will be nine dozen empty wine bottles cut in half, imbedded in the front of the outdoor kitchen and lit from the back.

GWS mulched all the scrap lumber and sheet rock.  WeIMG_4627 are looking at using Murphy’s Products’ Terra XTREME 3200.  The Terra XTREME 3200 is offered with the goal of increased versatility to process materials such as topsoil, clay, sand, compost and manure, alone or blended together.  We would like to mix the clay soil with the ground up sheet rock and manure to make a rich soil for the flower beds and garden area.  However, the cost may be prohibitive


IMG_4711Omar Flores and his crew from A&E Tile and Design  have laid 2400 sq IMG_5084ft. of Saltillo tile floor (above) and installed the tile in all the bathrooms  (kids left, master bathroom right).   In the master bathroom shower, they added a quatrefoil (pictured on the right).  They have also started on the kitchen backsplash and will be tiling the kitchen island next week.

Mario’s crew has primed the entire home and finished painting the basement of the home.  The cabinets have been installed through out the home and will be finished in the next week.   We were really IMG_5137worried about the cabinets from Ohio, but every cabinet slide into place perfectly.   We did tell the folks we were going to have a 24” warming drawer in the butler’s pantry, however, we found a really great deal on a 27” warming drawer and purchased it.  We forgot to follow up with the cabinet shop and so we now have a 24” KitchenAid warming drawer and a 27” KitchenAid warming drawer that we’ll install in the basement bar. Problem solved!

In the basement, we are using carpet in the theater room and in the guest bedrooms.  IMG_4696The theater bathroom (named the Pit Stop bathroom) will have red and black garage deck flooring.  The rest of the basement floors will be stained concrete.  The big areas of the basement floor, game room and fitness area, have been stained blue as the photo shows.  Mary Ann Walls will be painting a mural of the Beatles Yellow Submarine on the basement IMG_7993wall.  A Williams Brothers Bootles pinpall machine (Williams wouldn’t pay royalties to  the Beatles) will be in the basement as well.  We are also restoring the front and back bars from O’Connell’s in Norman in the basement.  How’s that for being green and reusing something!  We purchased the carpet in Dallas last week.  The “pit stop” bathroom has stainless steel tread plate as a wainscot with three rows of license plates from all 50 states around the room.  The sink is mounted in a 50 gallon drum and the cabinets are Gladiator garage storage units – evoking a true “man cave” feel.

Finally, Hayes Electric, has been working to get the lights all hooked up.  TIMG_5107he photo on the right shows the lights in the formal dining room.  They have installed 67 Cree CR6 LED can lights.  The LED stair lights are amazing – the lights themselves as well has the trim carpentry that was done by Marco’s crew.  Marion Moore of Taos Tin Works has finished creating three pendant lights for the kitchen island, two sconces for the powder bathroom and two sconces for the formal living room.


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The roof is on and we’ll find out if the job is complete during the next significant rain.  It really looks good.  Suzy’s blend of MCA Canyon Red and Brick Red looks very sharp and all the rows are straight. Pedro Torres Plastering Inc. is working to apply environmentally responsible Sto Stucco to the exterior […]

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Renaissance Wood delivered the steps for the staircase between the first floor and the basement on Sept. 16, 2010.  They were made using reclaimed wood and each of the 17 treads weights about 75 lbs.  On Saturday, Jeff attached scrap cardboard to each step in an effort to hinder further distressing.   Texoma Roofing Company […]

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Mike Gilles and his son took our 13 Wayne County Ohio, hand hewed wood beams to Doug at Renaissance Wood Company in Edmond Oklahoma.  Renaissance cleaned the Beechnut (White Walnut), Chestnut and Walnut beams and they are beautiful.  Suzy and I picked out which beams will go in what locations.  We had enough wood to […]

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